SINDI Technologies is a software company which offers software development and consultancy services to customers, companies and organizations.

SINDI Technologies Pty (Ltd) was registered in 2012 after identifying various factors and problems that businesses software IT divisions are faced with:

  • The software product developed in-house were always either over budget, late, missing various functionalities or the combinations of them all.
  • A lack of skilled and/or experienced people. One may have the best tools at their disposal but if the people do not understand the tools and how to best use it, the results will be (and it is always) mediocre.
  • Using bleeding edge technology. Many times, a problem is often searched online for a quick-fix solution. Unfortunately a quick-fix solution often solves a short-term problem and not the long term problem. Developers tend to not research and create a proof of concept to understand the technology and how it'll solve the functional and non-functional requirements of the business.
  • Lack of documentations. Many business applications have no documentations. Often times, to support a business application, new developers have to play around with the application to understand the system before becoming useful.
  • Some businesses and organizations lack to a review process, highlighting the day to day problems, lesson learned on past experiences of previous projects, successes stories and develop assets of value.
Software is a science and we strive to follow software development best practices to make high quality software of high standards, hence why SINDI Technologies was formed.

SINDI Technologies' growth and financial returns are attributed by providing value-added software consultancy and software solutions to our customers, businesses and organizations.
Through customer engagement and the use of latest technologies, tools and experienced experts in the field of software development and engineering, we ensure that our solutions and products meet the software quality and standards and that it meets the requirements of our customers, businesses and organizations in its highest quality.
We are committed to knowledge sharing inside and outside our company and by providing help and solutions to other developers, in sites like is a first step to our commitment to making it possible.
Finally, we aim to make SINDI Technologies a fun working environment where staffs and teams can be creative, passionate and enthusiastic in applying their unique talents.

  • We aim to become the market and global leader software research and development company.
  • We are committed to helping businesses achieve their business dreams through our innovative software products, services and our people.
  • We want to be the first choice for our customers to have their best experience in technology through our software products, services and people.